8 Car Modifications that are Illegal in The U.S.

Car Modifications

There was a time when people thought car modifications mean adding cool racing stickers. However, popular car action movie franchises like Need for Speed and The Fast and the Furious have started an everlasting craze of car modifications that goes insane. Many American youngsters spend thousands of dollars on car modifications to improve its performance, …

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6 Scams to Watch Out for While Buying a Car

6 Scams to watch out for while buying a car

Whether you are looking to buy a minimally used secondhand car or a brand new one. There are people out there with not-so-social morals who are ready to grab the opportunity to scam buyers. There are levels to scamming car buyers without leaving a trace, especially for secondhand cars and online advertizes. However, you may be surprised to know the way even reputed dealers could scam their customers. So this article will shed some light on the common 6 scams to watch out for while buying a car.

Depending on what you got yourself into, cars scams can cost you extra hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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Scams and Tips To Look Out For While Selling Your Car

4 scams to watch out for while selling your car

It is not every day that you sell a car. Therefore before selling ensure that you know what to expect from such situations. There are many reported scams that can be avoided if you are cautious. Therefore we intend to help you give an idea about how scams are being done. Along with a few …

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