Scams and Tips To Look Out For While Selling Your Car

It is not every day that you sell a car. Therefore before selling ensure that you know what to expect from such situations. There are many reported scams that can be avoided if you are cautious. Therefore we intend to help you give an idea about how scams are being done. Along with a few tips that could come in handy for you while selling your car. Here are the 4 scams to watch out for while selling your car.

4 Scams To Watch Out For While Selling Your Car

It is not always that you have to be careful only while buying a car. Even while selling you must make sure that there is no fraudulent activity in the process. It may not always look like there is something fishy going on but you may stay alert to avoid scams. People are always coming up with new ideas to scam people. If you have even a minute doubt in your mind, it is always to clear it out first rather than regretting it later. Here are some of the signs you should look for:

Scam 1: Intentional OverpaymentIntentional Overpayment

This is a tricky one, the buyer will intentionally show you that they sent you an amount more than the agreed-upon price and then ask you to return it. In reality, there would not be any transaction, and then the money you send thinking that you are returning it will actually be lost from your account.

Scam 2: Fake Money Deposit

Never log in to your banking app on anyone else’s phone. They might try to move money from your account to theirs. Even if there is no fraud in front of your eyes, they may make the transaction later from the same phone you logged into your account. There are options to clone the details that are being typed on the phone, so they can easily log in later or maybe they never log out. You must be careful with this.

Scam 3: Test Drive

Test Drive Scam

A very common one which now people are avoiding at an easy rate but still something to look out for. No matter how legit the person looks, do not let them go for a test drive alone. Many have faced the issue that the buyer went for a test drive and never came back. This could be very easily avoided. So don’t hold back and just sit with the buyer for a test drive.

Scam 4: Attractive Trade

Sometimes, you may get an offer to trade cars instead of getting money upright. This may look like a very great trade because the buyer will try to trade a very attractive car and you think it is quite a fair deal. This is not always the case. There have been scams where they will request a trade and then hand you off cars that are stolen or not in a good mechanical condition.

Tips to Avoid Scams While Selling Your Car

Many scams are happening around us. We need to be more attentive to the situation and our environment. Whether you sell your car online or have a physical meet to sell it, you must be known a few tips that will help you avoid any scams happening to you. Here are a few things that can help you to be cautious.

4 common car selling scams


Tip 1: Meet the buyer in person, even if you meet the person online, meet him again in person before selling the car. This can help you make sure that the buyer is legitimate.

Tip 2: Meet your buyer preferably with a friend. Meeting strangers alone could be intimidating. Having someone on your side can be beneficial, also meet them in public places.

Tip 3: Cash is the best form of transaction. An alternative could be a cheque. The best possible scenario could be to meet a buyer’s bank and let them turn in the cheque made out to you.

Tip 4: Avoid letting them have a test drive alone. Either sit with them for a test drive and take their car’s key and driver’s licence copy before you let them go alone for a test drive.

Tip 5: If you are selling only, you must know that the online platforms do not guarantee any transaction. So you must ensure that the buyer is legitimate.

Tip 6: If you are selling to someone out of town or state or country, you should try setting up an escrow account for that. It will reduce the risk of fraud.


You should stay cautious of your situation. While selling a car ensure that everything happening around you is legal. Question everything that makes you feel a little strange. It is good to be sure than in doubt. We hope the scam ideas and the tips will help you stay clear of any fraudulent activity.

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