Alabama DMV Bill of Sale

If you’re purchasing any vehicle like a car or any other type of motor vehicle in the state of Alabama DMV bill of sale allows you to do so and makes the process easy for buyers & sellers. The bill of sale form contains the purchase price, motor vehicle/car details, and the seller’s signature. It is a legal document that can be used as proof when any mishappening takes place in the future. Let us read forward that will solve your questions like, how to write a bill of sale? What is the Alabama DMV bill of sale? What are the necessary documents to write a Bill of sale? And many more.

Bill of Sale For Alabama

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Alabama DMV bill of sale is a legal document that will prove the sale and the purchase that takes place between the buyer and the seller of any item. This document will be needed for the transfer of the title of the ownership with the DMV which is the division of motor vehicles. This document is considered solid proof for the seller and purchaser.

The form should be signed in front of a notary public and in presence of all the entities who are included in this trade including witnesses. This ensures that you have sold the vehicle on this date with proper information about the vehicle. If any mishappening occurs this West Virginia DMV bill of sale will help you.

How To Write A Bill of Sale?

This portion will give you an overview of the procedure that should be followed at the time of applying the Alabama DMV Bill of Sale. If you are facing any trouble, then look at the following steps so that you can get an idea of how to fill the Alabama Bill of Sale.

  • Information related to the selling price must be given. It should be written as soon as the seller receives the price. Here you have to enter the total payable amount.
  • Buyer’s information
    • Write the full legal name of the buyer.
    • Enter Buyer’s Driver’s License
    • Buyer’s State ID Proof
    • Buyer’s Complete Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
  • Vehicle Information – Provide the required information
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
    • Vehicle identification number
  • Seller’s Information
    • Seller’s Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Enter Seller’s Full Legal Name
    • Provide Seller’s State ID Proof
    • Seller’s Driver’s License
    • Seller’s Signature

At last, all have to provide the signature and now, you have to make copies of the document give the original to the buyer and keep the copies with them.

How To Use Bill of Sale At Alabama DMV?

Vehicle Registration

The Alabama DMV bill of sale is considered a legal document in Alabama state. The document has all the information about sellers, buyers, and vehicles. It is used when you have to transfer the ownership of the vehicle in your name. The bill of sale is an essential document that you will need at the time of registration. Some states require notarization on the bill of sale. So, in that case, you can fill in all the information, and then you can provide the signature in the presence of a notary public.

New Vehicle Registration in Alabama

If you are purchasing a new vehicle and if you are a resident of Alabama then you have to register the new vehicle with the Alabama DMV Bill of sale within 20 days of purchase. Or else if you are buying a vehicle with the help of a dealer then the dealer will submit all the documents. If you are purchasing a vehicle privately then you have to submit all the registration documents to the state office. This document will be needed if you have to drive the vehicle legally on the roadways of Alabama.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration in Alabama

After receiving the title you will get the date of renewal for the registration. Mostly it will be one year or two after that you will have to renew the registration and the title. Visit your local Alabama state DMV for the renewal process. If you go unprepared then you will have to struggle there to collect all the paper and documentation. It is a small part of the Alabama DMV bill of sale.

Necessary Documentation For Alabama DMV

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You will require the following things to register for the Alabama DMV Bill of Sale. If you are willing to form a bill of sale then follow the steps and get all the documents that are mentioned below.

  • Liability Insurance
  • Title – if there is no title, a replacement application can be filed at a public title portal.
  • Registration fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a bill of sale have to be notarized in Alabama?

Yes, the Alabama DMV bill of sale needs to be notarized so that the notary public verifies the trade and validates the form.

2. How much is a title transfer in Alabama?

If you want to transfer the title then the buyer must be prepared to pay the fees for the registration process $18, sales tax depends on the price and age of the vehicle. Additional $2 for license plates and other charges.

3. How much is vehicle tax in Alabama?

If you want to register the vehicle in Alabama state then you must know that the Alabama state collects 2% sales tax on any purchase of the vehicle.


This is all about the Alabama DMV bill of sale. We hope that you might get all the information which we have provided in this article and hope this guide has been helpful to you. Now, you have got a more clear vision regarding it. It is important to have all the documents which we have mentioned in the guide. If you have any queries and questions then you can ask in the comment box mentioned below. We will try to solve all your queries and answer the questions. DMV bill of sale for Alaska is also similar so you can visit here and know about it.