Arizona MVD Bill of Sale

When you are a buyer or a seller of a vehicle Arizona MVD bill of sale forms are considered as legal documents to prove that the legal sale and purchase have been carried out between two parties. Be with us to understand the whole process of the bill of sale. How you can fill the form accurately everything related to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) bill of sale is explained in this article. What documents you will need to carry with you while you are applying for registration of a vehicle.

Bill of Sale For Arizona

Arizona Driving License

The bill of sale is used when a trade is being executed between two entities. The bill of sale is used because it provides information about the details of the item sold, change of ownership, Also besides, you will have to provide accurate information about the buyer and the seller and even some of the documents will require notarization. This ensures that you have sold the vehicle on this date with proper information about the vehicle. If any mishappening occurs this Arizona MVD bill of sale will help you. This document is considered solid proof for the seller and purchaser. Allows us to explain how to fill the Arizona MVD bill of sale.

How To Write A Bill of Sale

  • Download the Arizona MVD bill of sale application
  • The seller has to fill in the vehicle information and the seller’s accurate information.
    • Model
    • Year
    • Make
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • Colour
    • Sale date
    • The selling price of the vehicle
    • Enter Seller’s Name
    • Seller’s Driving License Number
    • Seller’s Address (City, State, Zip Code)
    • Buyer’s information
    • Enter Buyer’s name
    • Buyer’s address (City, State, Zip Code)
    • Buyer’s driving license number
  • After filling the form both the parties should once go through the Arizona MVD bill of sale application. So if there is any mistake then they can change at that time.
  • After the process is completed then the inspector will inspect the seller’s details and if needed they will ask for the digital signature of the seller.
  • The seller should make copies of the Arizona MVD bill of sale and then provide the original document to the buyer.

How To Use The Bill of Sale At Arizona MVD?

Arizona MVD

If you are selling or buying a vehicle from a person you should have some proof right. You will have to notify the state authorities that you have purchased a vehicle from this individual but what is the correct and legal way. You can use the Arizona MVD bill of sale. What the Arizona bill of sale does is it contains all the necessary information in it. Now you have the proof that you have purchased or sold a vehicle.

You will have to attach the form when you are filing for the change of ownership. A vehicle can be registered inside Arizona or on the remote side of Arizona state; this registration process should be completed within 15 days. If you are willing to buy a new or old vehicle then you will have to register the ownership within 15 days. To register you will have to register a vehicle in Arizona state. You must be a resident or preparing to be a resident in Arizona state. What all documents you will need while registering the vehicle in the local MVD office.

New Vehicle Registration In Arizona

If you want to register your vehicle then you must be a resident of Arizona or soon you must be shifting here and becoming a resident of Arizona state. You will have to register the vehicle in 15 days time period after the date of purchase. After the documentation is approved then you will have to pay some fees for processing the documents. The fees vary from vehicle to vehicle but generally, you will have to pay between $4-$12. After all, if your vehicle passes the physical inspection then you will receive your new registration in your mail.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration In Arizona

Once you get the title then after one or two years you will have to renew the registration process. If you go to the MVD office unprepared then you might have to run here and there to collect all the documents. To specifically help you out we have gathered all the documentation information and made this guide.

You can go to your local MVD office with this documentation in person or else you can perform this renewal process online. In both cases, the representative will guide you and tell you some of the instructions. After the renewal process is completed you will either get it there or they will tell you that you will receive it in your mail.

Necessary Documentation For Arizona MVD

Checklists - DMV

  • Arizona MVD bill of sale
  • The buyer must send the sold notice (form46-8502) within the 10 days period after-sale
  • The title and registration form(96-0236) must be filled
  • All the current insurance details meet the requirements of Arizona state.
  • Emission tests should be performed and a certificate should be provided in the file while submitting.
  • Both parties have to provide their proof of identification.
  • A lien certificate if applicable on the vehicle
  • You must pay some amount of registration fees to process the file.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a bill of sale required in Arizona?

No, you do not require the Arizona DMV bill of sale in Arizona state to register the vehicle.

2. How much does it cost to transfer a car title in Arizona?

If you want to transfer the title then the buyer must be prepared to pay a $4 title transfer fee in Arizona state. Also, the buyer might have to pay the sales tax, license plate fees, and other additional fees.

3. How much is sales tax on a used car in Arizona?

If you are buying a vehicle from an individual then the buyer must pay the sales tax around 5.6% sales tax and it depends on the price and age of the vehicle.

Wrap Up

We hope that this guide helped you in filling the Arizona MVD bill of sale and you might gain some more knowledge about the motor vehicle bill of sale and registration process. You can tell us your experience in the comment section below. Was it helpful? Or else if you still have any doubts then you can come down below and we will be more than happy to help you resolve your problems. Alabama Bill of sale is also similar to it you can review it.