Arkansas DMV Bill of Sale

Here we are going to share with you some of the pro tips related to the Arkansas DMV bill of sale. We have seen that many people get confused by seeing all the documents that are required to register the vehicle. Yes, it is natural! Because people don’t do this on a regular basis. Here we will explain to you what the bill of sale is, how you can use it, What all documents you need to carry, Is it used in transferring the ownership. Everything related to the Arkansas DMV bill of sale. As we move further ahead all your doubts will be cleared.

Bill of Sale For Arkansas

Arkansas Driving License

If you are buying or selling a vehicle then you will need a bill of sale application to fulfill all the criteria to register the vehicle in Arkansas state. Arkansas DMV bill of sale carries all the information about the item that is sold to another person. The bill of sale is also used in the transfer of ownership. You will have to provide all the details about the seller and buyer and the item that is sold(in this case vehicle information). The Arkansas DMV bill of sale application is helpful when any mishappening occurs to the vehicle. The bill of sale is also considered as solid proof if you are trading the vehicle or other vessels.

How To Write A Bill of Sale

  • Download the Arkansas DMV bill of sale form.
  • Enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) in the given space.
  • Fill in the buyer’s details (if the seller is an individual then you have filled the form or else if you are purchasing the vehicle from a dealer then they will submit the form on behalf of you.) If the seller is private then this is the further process or else you can skip this part and move on to another.
    • Enter Buyer’s Name
    • Buyer’s address with City, State, and Zipcode
    • Buyer’s Driving License Number
    • Signature
    • Seller’s Name
    • Seller’s Address
      • With City, State, and Zipcode
    • Signature
  • Vehicle information
  • Sale date of the vehicle
  • Selling amount of the vehicle
    • Model
    • Make
    • Year
    • Colour
    • Fuel type
    • Odometer reading
    • VIN Number

Note for buyers and sellers you must check the Arkansas DMV bill of sale form after completion. The VIN number and the odometer and the signature are correct everything should be checked twice. And the seller should make a copy of the form and keep the copy and give the original to the buyer.

How To Use The Bill of Sale At Arkansas DMV?Arkansas DMV Logo

In Arkansas state, you will have to register a vehicle within 30 days of the purchase. You have to visit your local OMV (office of a motor vehicle). The buyer has to fill the complete form and enter all the valid details of the buyer, vehicle, and seller. Once this form is filled it becomes a solid proof for both the entities. If you are transferring the vehicle you will have to attach the Arkansas DMV bill of sale with other documents.

New Vehicle Registration In Arkansas

If you are buying a vehicle from a dealer then usually the dealer submits all the documents to the local OMV office and you receive the title and registration at your mailing address. The dealer must ask you to submit some documents. So that he/she can submit the documents with the form. Until you receive the title the dealer might provide you temporary tags so that you can use the vehicle on the roads.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration In Arkansas

After receiving the title you will get the date of renewal for the registration. Mostly it will be one year or two after that you will have to renew the registration and the title. Visit your local Arkansas state DMV for the renewal process. If you go unprepared then you will have to struggle there to collect all the paper and documentation.

So before going there you must read the section given below for all documentation you will need at the time of renewal of registration. You will have to pay some fees for processing the documents and you will receive your new registration stickers in your mail.

Necessary Documentation For Arkansas DMV

  • Arkansas DMV bill of sale
  • Title and Registration Form (10-381) should be filled
  • If the vehicle is not older than 10 years then you will have to provide the odometer reading in Form(10-313).
  • State ID proof
  • The current title should be valid and the previous owner should have registered the vehicle in your county assessor’s office.
  • Current valid insurance details that meet Arkansas state rules and regulations.
  • Provide an accurate Odometer disclosure statement. If the vehicle is made in 2010 or newer.
  • All the taxes should be paid and you have attached the receipt in the file.
  • You will have to pass the physical test of the vehicle and attach the fitness certificate in the file.
  • Last will be you will have to pay some Registration fees to process. It may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a bill of sale have to be notarized in Arkansas?

No, you do not have to notarize the Arkansas DMV bill of sale. It is considered as legal documents without notarization.

2. Can you sell a car without a title in Arkansas?

If your title and registrations are missing then you must apply for a duplicate title. If the vehicle has any lienholder record then you must provide a lien release certificate.

3. How much does it cost to transfer a car title in Arkansas?

If you want to transfer the title of the vehicle then you must be ready to pay $10. In addition, you may have to pay sales tax, fees for registrations, and other taxes.

Wrap Up

This leads us to the end. We hope that from this guide you gained some more information about how to register the vehicle in Arkansas state and the renewal process and documentation. Let us know your experience related to the bill of sale form in the comments. Was this guide helpful? If y have any queries regarding the car Arkansas DMV bill of sale then you can ping us with your question in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.