Delaware DMV Bill of Sale

The Delaware DMV bill of sale is considered as a legal document as it is proof of a transaction that took place between two individual entities related to a vehicle. You can download the form directly from here. Every state has different rules and regulations so you should know how to fill the form and what documents you will need when you are going to your local DMV office. 

Bill of Sale For Delaware

Delaware Driving License

Registering a vehicle and transferring the ownership is very simple if you are a resident of Delaware state. If you are planning to become a resident of Delaware then it will be easy for you to register the vehicle. For registration, there are some processes and documentation you will need such as, State ID proof, Delaware DMV bill of sale, Bank details, etc. In Delaware state, you will have to register the vehicle within 30 days of purchase. Or else, you will be charged late registration fees.

If you go prepared to your local DMV office then it is a very simple process. If the vehicle is bought from a dealer then usually the dealer submits all the documents together with the Delaware DMV bill of sale to the Delaware DMV office on behalf of you. Till you receive the registration in your mail the Vehicle will have the temporary tags so that you can use the vehicle for 30 days.   

How To Write A Bill Of Sale

Step 1 –Seller and Buyer information

  • Seller Name
  • The Seller Driver’s License Number
  • Seller Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode 
  • Buyer Name
  • The Buyer Driver’s License Number
  • Buyer Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode

Step 2 –  Vehicle Information – Enter the details of the vehicle

  • Make
  • Type
  • Model
  • Year
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Color
  • Odometer Reading in Miles

Step 3 – Price of the vehicle at the time selling

  • If the seller is accepting the price amount then do check the first box and write the amount in words. 
  • Second-line you will have to write the amount in numbers.
  • You have to specify the date of sell
  • Read carefully and if the vehicle is a gift for someone (Buyer) then check the box given in the form.
  • Space is given there if any conditions are mentioned by the seller or buyer then you can mention them there in the black space.  

Step 4 – If the buyer agrees to all the terms and conditions after reading the form carefully then the buyer must provide a signature.

Step 5 –  If the seller agrees to all the terms and conditions after reading the Delaware DMV bill of sale then the seller must provide a signature in the mentioned black space.   

Step 6 –  While performing this transaction both the entities and the witnesses must be present at the place and provide complete information.  

  • Date in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Seller Signature
  • Seller Printed Name
  • Buyer Signature
  • Buyer  Printed Name
  • Witness 1
  • Signature
  • Name
  • AND
  • Witness 2
  • Signature
  • Name

Step 7 – Once the notarization is complete then they will verify all the information and signature and affix the Delaware state seal.

Make copies of the Delaware DMV bill of sale and provide the copy to the seller and the buyer keeps the original form for record-keeping.

How To Use The Bill of Sale?

Vehicle Registration

Delaware DMV bill of sale is mostly used when it comes to trading some properties. It is used because it has all the information about the buyer, seller, & property. DMV bill of sale is also a necessary document in transferring the ownership(In this case it is a vehicle). There are some documents that you will need in buying a vehicle in Delaware state. All the criteria are listed below and we have covered almost all the aspects of the buying and registration process.

New Vehicle Registration In Delaware State 

Firstly, If you are buying a vehicle then the dealer usually submits all the necessary documents to your local DMV office. Secondly, you must be a resident of Delaware state then you can buy a vehicle and then the registration process is completed. If you are buying a new vehicle then you might need some documents.

The dealer submits all the documents such as your state ID proof Delaware DMV bill of sale, driver’s license, etc. In Delaware state DMV then within a few days, you will receive the registration of the vehicle in your mail. If the vehicle is new then you don’t have to worry about emission and safety certificates.

Renewal of Vehicle Title Registration 

Here we will talk about the renewal process of registration then every title and registration has its expiry date after that you have renewed the registration. After buying a vehicle you use the vehicle and it gets older as time goes you have to get a fitness certificate and emission certificate from the nearest DMV or a private garage.

If you have any doubts then you can contact the representative and they will guide you on all forms you might need in the renewal process. However, you can perform this renewal process online on the local DMV website. Once you have completed the registration you can expect the title to come in your mail within 7-10 working days.

Necessary Documentation For Delaware DMV

Checklists - DMV

  • DMV bill of sale from Delaware
  • VIN number of the vehicle
  • Emission certificate 
  • Insurance details
  • Title of the vehicle 
  • State ID proof 
  • Fees for the registration process

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do Delaware temp tags last?

When you have completed the Delaware state title and registration process. The Delaware state department provides you with temporary tags. So, the buyer can operate the vehicle on the roads until you receive the title. The temporary tags are valid for 5 days and you may have to pay $20 for temporary tags.

2. How much are tags and taxes in Delaware?

When you register the vehicle you have to pay the registration fees. The title has its expiry date written on the backside you have to renew the title after it expires. While renewing the title you will have to pay the $40 to process the registration process again.

3. Is buying a car in Delaware tax-free?

There are a total of 5 states that are tax-free: Montana, Alaska, Delaware, Oregon, New Hampshire. In these states, you do not have to pay the sales tax on any vehicle

Wrap up

In conclusion, we have tried to cover all the aspects of registering the vehicle and transferring the vehicle to the Delaware DMV office. What all documents you will need how you can register using the Delaware DMV bill of sale.  If still, you have any doubts related to the Delaware bill of sale then you can leave us your question. We have also created the information on the DMV bill of sale for Connecticut which is similar.