Florida DMV Bill of Sale

The Florida DMV bill of sale is also known as Form HSMV 82050, it is considered a legal document. The bill of sale comes into action when a trade is being executed and it contains necessary documents. In a few states, it is not required but in most states, it is an essential document. Every state has different motor vehicle laws. Here in this article, you will get to know about the Complete Florida State bill of sale information Stay with us and grab the information.  

Bill of Sale For Florida

If you want to register a vehicle in Florida state then you must be a resident of Florida. If you are a resident of Florida state then you can buy a vehicle and register to your name. Florida state DMV gives you 10 days period time to register the vehicle. If you miss the 10 days period then you will have to pay a penalty for late registration. If you are buying a vehicle from an individual then you will have to go to your local DMV office of Florida in-person to register the vehicle. You will need a Florida DMV bill of sale form to register the vehicle.

Florida DMV Bill of Sale

How To Write A Bill of Sale

Step 1 –  Download the Florida DMV bill of sale form

Step 2 – Check the box in which category your vehicle fits.  

  • Year
  • Make
  • Manufacturer
  • Body Type
  • Model
  • Color
  • Odometer reading 
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Enter Seller’s Name
  • Seller’s Driver’s license number 
  • Seller’s  Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Enter Buyer’s Name
  • Buyer’s Driver’s license number 
  • Buyer’s complete address 
  • Date of Sale
  • Selling Price

Step 3 – More information about seller and buyer as well as signatures.

  • The Seller and Co-Seller (if any)
  • Seller’s Signature
  • Seller’s Name
  • Date of signature
  • Seller’s  Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Co-Seller’s Signature (If  applicable)
  • Co-Seller’s Name (If applicable)
  • Date of signature
  • Co-Seller’s Address (If applicable)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • AND
  • Purchaser and Co-Purchaser (if any)
  • Purchaser’s Signature
  • Purchaser’s Name
  • Date of signature
  • Co-Purchaser’s Signature (If  applicable)
  • Co-Purchaser’s name (If applicable)
  • Date of signature

How To Use The Bill of Sale At Florida DMV?

Whenever you buy or sell something you need some proof. Florida DMV bill of sale is a legal document of proof if you use the document in a trade and all the information is filled is correct. It is also used to transfer the ownership you have to attach the bill of sale form with the registration file. We have also mentioned what all documents you will need while registering the vehicle.  

New Vehicle Registration In Florida State

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Usually, if you are a resident of Florida state then only you can buy a new vehicle in Florida state. If you are a resident then it will be easy for you if you are buying a new vehicle from a dealer then generally the dealer submits all the documentation including the Florida DMV bill of sale in your local DMV you just have to wait for the registration to come. For some reason the dealer does not provide you with the facility then you can check the list given below collect all the documents and you can go to your local DMV office and register your vehicle.

Renewal of Vehicle Title Registration

Whenever you buy a vehicle either from a dealer or an individual entity the registration has an expiry date. You will have to renew the registration to use the vehicle on the roads. Or else if you are caught by police then they might charge you fine. So better you always remember the date of the expiry for your registration. You have to renew your vehicle registration under the Florida DMV Bill of sale.

If you are confused about filling the form then you can ask the local DMV representative to help you. They can guide you what is the procedure for the renewal process. Even you can perform this renewal process online on the local DMV website. After completing the process within a few days you will receive new registration in your mail.   

Necessary Documentation For Florida DMV

Checklists - DMV

While going to register the vehicle you will need some documents here is the list you can have a look at.

  • Florida DMV bill of sale and it should be notarized.
  • Photo ID 
  • Title of the vehicle 
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement ( Needed If the vehicle is not older than 10 years )
  • Insurance Details
  • Emission Certificate 
  • A lien certificate (if applicable on the vehicle)
  • Fees for the registration process

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a bill of sale required in Florida?

Yes, you will require the Florida DMV bill of sale to register the vehicle in Florida state. The Florida DMV bill of sale needs to be notarized when you are going t submit the file for the registration process.

2. Can I drive a car home after buying it without plates in Florida state?

Yes, you can the vehicle home without plates in Florida state but you can not operate the vehicle after three days. Until you receive the title and valid Insurance.

3. Does the buyer have to pay the sales tax in Florida?

Yes, the buyer has to pay the tax if the vehicle is bought from an individual. Florida DMV collects a 6 % sales tax on the new and used vehicle that has been purchased.

Wrap Up

This leads us to the end. We hope that this guide helped you to know more about how to register and what documents are needed in registering the vehicle. If still, you have any doubt related to the Florida DMV bill of sale then you can leave us your question in our comment section below we will revert you back as soon as possible. If this article was helpful then do leave us feedback in the comments below. You can have a look at the Delaware DMV bill of sale which is similar to that of Florida.