How to Transfer Car Title in Texas For State and out of State Owned Vehicles

Getting your car title transfer is one of the many things we do first if we have changed a city, bought a new car or have been lucky enough to receive a car as a gift. It is important to be aware of how to transfer car title in Texas to avoid any legal penalty in the future. This process changes from state to state. Many of us don’t feel the necessity of car title transfer. So in this article, we will be discussing why a car title transfer must be your priority, how to do it and all the related documents, fees required for it.

Why Should You Transfer Car Title Legally?

Car Title is one of the most important documents of the car that shows who the real owner is, the details of the car and its mileage. It is used by the DIstrict of Motor Vehicles, DMV. The transfer of the Car Title is a must and must be done by the seller as soon as he sells the car so that the new owner of the car can get a new title issued. The reasons to do it are cited below

  1. The seller will be held responsible for any criminal activities committed by the vehicle.
  2. Seller is accounted for violations in toll.
  3. In addition, ticket violations also need to be borne by the seller.

Documents Required for Car Title Transfer in Texas

Once you have received a buyer for your old car, the next thing you need to contact is the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle or TxDMV. The TxDMV has listed down the following documents you would need while transferring a car title in Texas. Only when all the documents are ready you can file for a car title transfer and get it legally transferred.

how to Transfer car title in Texas

1. Valid Texas Title – To transfer your used car title you need to show your own title which shows that you are the owner of the car. The document may be a duplicate but a valid legal copy. To check the legal validity of the Car Title owned you can check the VIN number, verify the car title and review other car-related specific information. The title should also be signed both at the front and the back. If the car you are selling is less than 20 years old, the odometer disclosure form must also be present.

2. A signed Vehicle Title Application form (Form 130-U) – Once your title and the odometer reading is verified the next step is to fill out the Texas title transfer form or Form 130 U. This document ensures that the title is to be transferred is legally valid. The documents needed along with Form 130U are – Vehicle Identification number, model number, Your vehicle price purchase details, valid ID and your name and address details. Once the form is accepted by TxDMV the government is notified that you plan to sell the car and the new buyer can get it registered for the same.

3. Proof of Insurance Under the Buyer’s Name – A valid car insurance is a must in Texas. So, the new buyer has to show proof of insurance under his name to get the car title transferred. The insurance must be active and should be in the name of the buyer.

4. Valid ID Proof of the Buyer and the Seller – Both the seller and the Buyer must show valid ID proof during the title transfer process. This ensures that no fraud is committed and the entire process is fully legalised. You can show your Driver’s License as ID Proof, however other valid ID proofs are also accepted by TxDMV.

5. Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) – This document is not mandatory in many states, but in Texas, it is a compulsory one. The two types of inspections i.e. the Safety Standards inspection and the emission inspection must be up to date. This ensures that the vehicle meets all standards of the federal clean air and the car is in good condition for future usage.

6. Title Transfer Fees – The title transfer fees include various fees like registration fee, tag fee, emission fee and sales tax.

7. Release of lien (if there is a lienholder on your title)– This must be signed if the car that is sold is still under any loan and is still being financed by a different company. 

Car Title Transfer Process in Texas

The Car Title Transfer Process in Texas is pretty simple and easy. There are two different ways through which the transfer can be done – online and mail. You can visit the official site of TxDMV and get your car title transfer notification registered. You can submit the form online or even print, sign them and mail it to them. In both cases, a remark would be added from the date of your notification registered that the vehicle is sold to the new buyer. This protects the seller from any illegal activities commuted on that vehicle after the issued date.

1. Car Title Transfer Process For Texas owned vehicle

Texas Owned Car

For vehicles owned in Texas, you can either apply online or through the mail with the following documents – 

    • Texas Title
    • Form 130 U
    • Proof of insurance in the buyer’s name
    • Valid ID proof of both the parties
    • Proof of Inspection
    • Title Transfer Fees

2. Car Title Transfer Process For Out-of-State owned vehicle

For vehicles owned outside Texas, you can either apply online or through the mail with the following documents. However, certain restrictions need to be kept in mind.

Texas out of state owned vehicle

  • Out of state title – This should be signed and dated by both parties. For less than a 10-year-old vehicle, the odometer reading should be present. Also, there must not be erasure, or mark throughs n the form. In such cases, an affidavit of fact needs to be additionally produced as well.
  • Form 130 U should also be signed and dated by both parties.
  • Proof of insurance in the buyer’s name
  • Valid ID proof of both the parties
  • Proof of Inspection should be completed not more than the past 90 days and must be done from a state-approved safety inspection station. 
  • Title Transfer Fees

3. Car Title Transfer Process For Gifted vehicle

A vehicle that you have received as a gift can also be title transferred if any eligible parties have given you the gift. The donor of the gift can be a spouse, parent, child, grandchild grandparent, guardian, or should revoke from a non-profit organisation. Under these circumstances, the documents can be filled both online and through the mail. The list is mentioned below

Gifted Car in Texas

  • Texas Title
  • Form 130 U
  • Proof of insurance in the buyer’s name
  • Valid ID proof of both the parties
  • Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Gift Transfer- form 14-317 must be signed by both parties and it should be notarized. A document should also be provided as proof of the relationship they are sharing. 
  • Title and Gift Fees

Car Title Transfer Fees in Texas

There are different types of fees that need to be paid. In Texas, the title application fee is $33, whereas the gift tax is $10. Depending on the transfer and location there may be other fees like emission fee, tag fee and sales tax as well.

How Long Do I Get to Transfer my Car Title?

Once the car title transfer is registered, you get 30 days from the date of sale. If the buyer does not does it within 30 days then there can be legal consequences for that which will be faced by the seller. To ensure complete legal car title transfer both parties must complete the process in sync.


This is how to transfer car title in Texas legally. This way after you sell your vehicle, you are not responsible for that particular car and no legal actions can be taken on you, in case of any legal problem involving that car.

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