Idaho DMV Bill of Sale

Are you finding some difficulties in the Idaho DMV bill of sale? No worries here we have explained everything related to the DMV bill of sale in Idaho. All your doubts will be cleared once you read them carefully. Yes, Because when you trade you need solid proof that you sold or bought the property. The bill of sale provides both the entity a strong bill slip. In the motor vehicle registration, you will have to attach the bill of sale form in the file. It is an essential document.     

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To register the vehicle in Idaho state you must be a resident. If you are a resident then no worries you can buy a vehicle and register to your name. Idaho state gives you a 30 days time period to register a vehicle after purchase. If you fail to register the vehicle within 30 days then you may have to pay the penalty of $50. Have you purchased a vehicle from an individual? Then you will have to go to your local Idaho state DMV in person to register the vehicle. If you are buying a vehicle from an individual then you will need the Idaho DMV bill of sale to attach it with the title application. 

How To Write A Bill of Sale

Step 1 – Provide Complete Vehicle Information in Idaho DMV bill of sale

  • Year 
  • Make 
  • Model 
  • Colour 
  • Manufacturer  
  • Body Type 
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Odometer Reading

Step 2 – Check the box if the conditions apply 

  • Rebuilt Salvage
  • Repaired
  • Restored
  • Brand new 
  • Other – You can write down the reason if it is not listed  

Step 3 – Provide accurate Odometer Reading 

  • Actual Miles
  • Not Actual
  • No Odometer
  • Repaired odometer 
  • Exceeds Mechanical Limits

Step 4 – Seller’s Information

  • Seller’s Full Legal Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Selling Price
  • Date of Sale 

Step 5 – Buyer’s Information 

  • Buyer’s Full Legal Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Step 6 – Lien Holder Information 

You can leave it blank if it does not apply to vehicles.  

Step 7 – Seller & Buyer

Both entities should read the Idaho bill of sale carefully. If they agree then they can provide signatures respectively in the given boxes.

Step 8 – Make copies of the Idaho DMV bill of sale and the buyer keeps the original document for record-keeping purposes. The copy is provided to the seller for record-keeping. 

How To Use The Bill of Sale At Idaho?Idaho drivers license

The Idaho DMV bill of sale (Form ITD 3738) is considered as a legal document as it is a necessary document while a transaction is being executed between two individual parties regarding a motor vehicle. This form has the details of the buyer, seller, and the motor vehicle that is being sold. Also, this document is considered essential for the registration of the vehicle. In Idaho state, you will not require the notary state seal to trade the vehicle. Once the Idaho DMV bill of sale is filled the Seller has to fill the (Form 3858) release of liability it should be filed within 5 days of sale.

New Vehicle Registration In Idaho

If you are a resident of Idaho then you can buy the vehicle and the dealer generally submits all the documents that are necessary to your local Idaho DMV. You will get a temporary tag until you receive the title and registration in your mail. If you are buying a vehicle from your local dealer then they will submit all the documents on behalf of you in your DMV office. If you have complete documentation and Idaho DMV bill of sale then you will have to pay for the registration and License plates. The dealer will instruct you about receiving the registration in your mail.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration In Idaho

Once you receive your title in the mail at the backside of the title you will see the expiry of the title. Yeah, you will have to renew the title after it expires. Usually, the title expires in one-two years. If your registration has already expired then you can carry the document. Are facing difficulty in renewing the vehicle registration? then you can contact the representative in your local DMV and they will guide you more about the renewal process form filling. If you have finished the renewal process then you will receive your registration in your mail within a few days.

Necessary Documentation For Idaho DMV

To register the vehicle you will need some Id proofs and documents. here we have given the list of the documents you can take with you.

  • Idaho DMV Bill of Sale 
  • Application of Certificate of Title
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Title of the vehicle 
  • A Photo ID 
  • Emission Certificate 
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Insurance Details
  • A lien certificate (it is applicable to the vehicle)
  • Fees for the registration process

Frequently Asked Question

1. How much does it cost to transfer a car title in Idaho?

If you have purchased a vehicle in Idaho state then you must be ready to pay the registration fees ait might cost you around $14 transfer fee, even you must pay 6% sales tax.

2. Does Idaho require a bill of sale?

Yes, the Idaho DMV bill of sale is required to register the vehicle. If you want to register the vehicle you must be a resident of Idaho state. You will have to visit your local DMV office with the documents to register the vehicle.

3. What is Idaho's sales tax on a motor vehicle?

If you want to buy the vehicle in Idaho state then you must be ready to 6% of sales tax on the purchase of the motor vehicle. In addition, you might have to pay extra fees to register than a vehicle and to get the license plates.

Wrap Up

That’s all for this guide. We hope that this guide was helpful to you and you got to know some more about registering a motor vehicle with the help of the Idaho DMV bill of sale. If it was helpful then do leave us feedback in the comment section it motivates us and if still, you have any doubts then comment on your questions we will get back to you as soon as possible. Hawaii is the state, that has a similar procedure for DMV.