Iowa DOT Bill of Sale

The Iowa DOT bill of sale is also known as form 411077 and is considered as legal proof when a transaction is executed between two parties related to a motor vehicle. In the state, bills of sale are a necessary document when it comes to change the title and registration. As the document contains all the essential information about Buyer, Seller, and vehicle that is being traded. Both the entities can fill the form and then they have to sign the form in presence of a notary public and submit it to the Department of Transportation (DOT). 

Bill of Sale Iowa DOT

IOWA DOT Bill of Sale

The Iowa DOT bill of sale is a legal document that can be used as legal proof regarding changing the ownership of a vehicle. This document will contain all the necessary documents and the information related to the buyer and the seller. Here, in this document, you will also find information related to the vehicle. It is an important document as it can be used when any mishappening taxes place after the selling of any vehicle.

How To Write A Bill Of Sale

Kindly follow the below steps consciously while filling up the Iowa DOT bill of sale to avoid any kind of confusion. We hope this will be beneficial for you and your time.

Step 1 – Seller’s Details

  • Seller’s Name

Step 2 –  Vehicle Information

  • Make
  • Year
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Step 3 – Buyer’s Details

  • Buyer’s Name

Step 4 – Price of Sale

  • Enter the amount at the time of sale

Step 5 – Date of Sale

  • Enter the date of the sale in mm/dd/yyyy format

Step 6 – Seller’s Signature

  • If the seller agrees to all the statements then the seller must provide a signature.

Note – Iowa state treasurer may ask you to notarize the document. The seller should call the treasurer’s office to confirm that if the notarization is required the purchaser’s county. If yes then the buyer and seller should not sign the document before reaching the notary public.

How To Use The Bill Of Sale At Iowa DOT?

To describe it perfectly, an Iowa DOT bill of sale is used when there is any kind of transaction between parties regarding a motor vehicle. Hence, it is also stated as a legal document which acts as proof for both the buyer and seller for the vehicle. We would like to tell you more about them concerning the renewal of vehicle registration or applying for a new one. 

Renewal of Vehicle Registration in Iowa

Once you receive the title and registration you will see the expiry date on the backside of the title. You will have to renew the title and update the Iowa DOT bill of sale to state that you still own this vehicle. You must renew the registrations within 10 days of expiry or else you will have to pay a penalty for late renewal. Here are some documents that you might need at the time of renewal.

Iowa Driving License

  • Current Registration
  • Driver’s License  
  • State ID Proof 
  • Emission Certificate 
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Insurance Details
  • Processing Fees

New Vehicle Registration in Iowa  

If you are buying a vehicle from a dealer then usually the dealer submits all the documents in your local DOT including the Iowa DOT bill of sale. If you are buying a vehicle from an individual then you will have to go in person to your local office and do the registration process. Here are some documents you might need.  

  • State ID proof 
  • Driver’s License 
  • Bank details 
  • Iowa DOT bill of sale form filled with accurate information about seller, buyer, and vehicle.
  • A lien certificate if is applied to the vehicle 
  • Emission certificate  
  • Safety certificate

Necessary Documentation For Iowa DOT

  • Iowa DOT bill of sale plus the money required for the registrations
  • Vehicle title
  • Kindly fill the required form for your purpose of visit
  • Power of attorney certificate, in case the owner is not present physically for the trade of vehicle
  • VIN
  • Odometer disclosure statement
  • Registration details before the trade of the vehicle
  • A certificate that state that the lien is been released

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I approach to know more about personalized vehicle plates?

One can simply get the personalized plates by applying for it through email or mail.

2. How can I get approval for my overweight trips?

You can simply do it in person or online as well, depending upon your convenience. Please note that you will be able to get permission along the routes that are owned by Iowa only.

3. Is there any kind of fee charged for vehicle inspection?

One should inquire about this particular section with the facility of inspection before avoiding any confusion for the same.

Wrap Up

We hope that this was helpful to you. We tried to cover all the aspects of the Iowa DOT bill of sale, and how to register the vehicle in the state too. Kindly let us know in case of any further queries regarding the same in the comment section below. If you find this guide was helpful then leave us feedback to help us grow better, Thank you! Here you will also find the Bill of sale for Illinois which is similar to this one.