Kansas DMV Bill of Sale

This article is about how a bill of sale documents can help you as proof especially in the state of Kansas. You need to know what kind of information is presented in the bills of sales. How it can help you and why is it necessary to have one and in what situation do you ask for a bill of sales. Every state has its rules regarding the bills of sales. So, let us get into the Kansas DMV bill of sale.

Bill of sale For Kansas

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Kansas DMV bill of sale is a legal document that can be used as proof at the time of the trade. This form will provide you with information regarding the buyer, seller, and the vehicle that is being sold. You have to submit proof of residence in the state of Kansas. To register the document you have to provide some documents as proof it must also include the Kansas bill of sale. If you are buying the vehicle with the help of a dealer then, the dealer will submit all the documents instead of you. If you are purchasing any vehicle then, you may have to fill out all the documents and submit them to the state’s office. 

How To Write A Bill of Sale

You need to understand what kind of information needs to be in this form. This form is necessary because this is the key to registering your vehicle at the Kansas DMV Bill of sale. You would want this process to complete without any interruption and therefore it would be best if you have a look at how to exactly fill this form.

Step 1 – You can get the form from the Kansas DMV.

Step 2 – Lookout that this form has the seller information like:

  • Seller’s name
  • Address
  • State, City, and the zip code

Step 3 – It must also have the buyer’s information like:

  • Buyer’s name
  • Address
  • State, City, and the zip code.

Step 4 – Vehicle Information is as much as important and should have information like:

  • VIN
  • Year
  • Make

Step 5 – The form should also include the purchase price

Step 6 – The form should also have the date of sales as it may prove very important in the future.

Step 7 – Finally, to make this whole document legal and worthy as proof at any time, you must have the signature of both the buyer and the seller. This confirms the information.

Step 8 – The last step is to fill the antique vehicle transfer of ownership. This step is only necessary when your vehicle is 35 years old and there is no title to the vehicle. Only then this section is applicable to you and then the seller must provide the following information in this section 

  • Buyer’s Name
  • Selling Date
  • Signature

How To Use The Bill of Sale At Kansas DMV?

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The Kansas DMV bill of sale is used when a trade is being carried out between two individuals. The bill of sale is essential because it is necessary to provide the bill of sale while transferring the ownership. Fill the form completely and leave the signature space blank then after you should go to the notary public and if all the signatories are present then all the entities should provide the signature if they are agreed to the deal. 

New Vehicle Registration At Kansas

This section is important after you made the purchase of a vehicle from a seller. The state of Kansas allows you to register your vehicle within 60 days. You will need to visit the DMV of Kansas with some documents. If you have to register under the Kansas DMV Bill of sale. These are important documents and will help you to complete the process with ease.

  • You will need the complete bill of sale as proof.
  • You must take your driver’s license.
  • Take the insurance with yourself as proof.
  • You will need to fill the TR-212a form.
  • Take along the fee for registration and tax.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration At Kansas

You have to renew it on annual basis in order to be away from the penalties. The renewal of vehicle registration done on the basis of the Kansas DMV bill of sale. You can renew on the online portal made available to you by the government of Kansas. You might be familiar with the renewal process every title has its expiry date. If you are not aware of that then check your title and you will see the expiry date on the backside of the title. You will receive a reminder mail in your mailing address by your local DMV. 

Necessary Documentation For Kansas DMV

This portion will give you a note on the required documents for the Kansas DMV bill of sale. If you are wishing to register then must take the following documents. 

  • It should have the name and address of the seller
  • It should have the name and address of the buyer
  • There should be vehicle descriptions that include the VIN, the make, the year, the color, etc.
  • The price at which the vehicle is sold.
  • Date of the sale.
  • The signatures of both the buyer and the seller to confirm the information.

This is all that the bill of sale will contain. Another required information is the odometer readings of the vehicle if the vehicle is 10 years old. If you make a purchase of any vehicle from outside of Kansas you will still need the affidavit showing the purchase with necessary information.

Things To Do Before You Sell Your Vehicle

Now, selling a vehicle is also a task that requires a few things.

  • Have a vehicle title in your name.
    The most important thing is that you need the title of your vehicle. It is not necessary that you must know how to drive in order to sell the vehicle. Although in that case, you would need to be a licensed dealer.
  • No payment should be left for the vehicle.
    You only have the title on your name if you owe money for the vehicle, your title will show a lienholder (a lender). You must pay what you owe and get a lien release from the lender. If your lender holds your title, contact them for instructions on releasing your lien and obtaining the title.

Things To Do After You Sell Your Vehicle

  • Once you’ve​​ sold the vehicle, you must do the following:
  • Complete seller notification if it was a private sale from one individual to another individual.
  • Fill in the vehicle odometer mileage statement on the title. As required under federal law.
  • Complete the brand disclosure area on the title (if applicable).
  • Fill in the selling price on the title. The Department of Revenue checks titles and investigates suspiciously low sale prices.
  • Fill in the name and address of the buyer or buyers on the title.
  • If there is a lien listed on the title, provide the buyer with a lien release document from your lienholder; the buyer will need both documents to get a title.
  • Remove the license plates from the vehicle. You may transfer them to another vehicle you own. If the vehicle is a truck registered at 10,000 pounds or more, a farm truck registered at 16,000 pounds or more, a moped, a trailer, or a recreational vehicle trailer, the license plates stay with the vehicle, no need to remove the plates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a bill of sale required in Kansas?

Yes, The Kansas DMV bill of sale is required to register the vehicle. The bill of sale is considered a legal document due to it carries all the information about the buyer, seller, and the vehicle that is being traded. If your vehicle is older than 35 years than you do not require the title of the vehicle if you have you can provide or else it is good.

2. How much is sales tax in Kansas?

If you have purchased a vehicle in the Kansas state then you must register the vehicle within a few days and while registering the vehicle the buyer might have to pay the titling fee, license plate fee, and sales tax. According to Kansas state law, the sales tax is around 6.5 %

3. Can I get a Personalized License Plate in Kansas?

Yes, you can get a personalized license plate in Kansas. You have to pay $45.50 fees to get the personalized License plate. The personalized license plate is valid for 5 years after 5 years you will have to renew the license plates.

Wrap Up

We hope that this article was helpful and informative for you. Hope that you learned new things. If yes then do leave us feedback in the comments it is free of cost it motivates us. If still, you have any questions in your mind related to the Kansas DMV bill of sale then you can share them with us in the comments below. Louisiana DMV Bill of sale is also similar to the bill of sale for Kansas, so you can have a look there.