Mississippi DMV Bill of Sale

With an increasing demand to know more about the Mississippi DMV bill of sale and its legal acts. We thought to bring up an article about the functionality of the bill of sale of this particular state. It is a legal document that allows one to prove that the item which was out for purchase is legal and will not conduct any mishap for the same. Also, if anything comes up further, it will not be on the seller. Until it is an unpaid fine or ticket, which can be proved legally with the date of purchase and date of issue of the fine, then the seller must pay it. One has to get legal authorization to get this document by providing all the necessary documents of the owner and buyer.

Bill of Sale For Mississippi

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The person must own a bill of sale even when they are applying to the Mississippi DMV bill of sale. A few dealers will include the invoice of the vehicle with an authorization that can be considered as a bill of sale. This particular invoice-based bill of sale is accepted by the state only until the authorization is done by the seller. If you are doing this on your own, make sure to include the below documents and details to avoid any kind of trouble during the procedure:

  • Personal Information of both the Buyer and the Seller
  • VIN or Vehicle Identification Number
  • Title Number
  • Vehicle Year and Make
  • Enter Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle description explaining the current conditions
  • Reading on the Odometer
  • Selling Price
  • Sale Date
  • In the case of liens, all necessary details of the lienholder are a must.
  • Signatures

In case you are purchasing directly from the dealer, they will automatically give all the required details to your local DMV team. This can also mean that you are allowed to drive with the temporary tags which the dealer gives you some time till you get everything fixed.

How To Write A Bill of Sale

Step 1 – Kindly download the form from the Mississippi DMV bill of sale website

  • Fill up the necessary details like the price of the vehicle currently under the selling rate or the name of the buyer.
  • Add on with the buyer’s address to the vehicle model, year, make, and most importantly the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Step 2 – Give a thorough read to all the points in the form and read carefully. After reading carefully, sign the document.                   

Step 3 – Make sure both the parties sign the Mississippi DMV bill of sale for it to be authorized.

  • Seller’s signature
  • Seller’s printed name
  • Buyer’s signature
  • Buyer’s printed name

Step 4 – The buyer can make a copy of the bill of sale form keep the original and give the copy to the seller.

How To Use The Bill of Sale At Mississippi DMV?

The relationship between the DMV and the bill of sale goes hand in hand. Hence, it is significant for one to get the bill of sale document to acknowledge the ownership of the particular vehicle. Moving further, below are two types of situations for which one might approach the Mississippi DMV bill, kindly read and follow accordingly.

New Vehicle Registration in Mississippi

Mississippi License Plate

The very rule to register your vehicle to claim the Mississippi DMV bill of sale is that you need to be a resident for the same. Once you are a resident, you can simply buy and register a vehicle on your name and address without any trouble. Most the states like Mississippi will ask you to complete the registration procedure before the purchase. This avoids any misleading and dysfunction while purchasing and allows you to drive out loud. In case you are purchasing the vehicle from a dealer, they will do all the necessary processes and submit your documents to the local DOR office as well. All you have to do is submit the below documents to successfully register your vehicle.

  • State ID proof to verify your address
  • Driver’s License
  • Bank details to verify your identity
  • Mississippi DMV bill of sale form to be filled with proper details
  • In case a lien certificate is applicable, then attach it as well
  • Emission certificate

After successful documentation, you will be asked to pay the fees and brief you on how you can receive your registration title of the vehicle.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration in Mississippi

As per the MS Department of Revenue (DOR), their team will send you a registration renewal notice before your current one expires. Also, one needs to renew their registration annually. One can renew their registration via mail, in person, or online option depending on the country they live in. In case, you are not able to place the notice in your mail, you will have to get it renewed by visiting your MS DOR office and doing the required procedure in person. Here is the list of documents that you may need during the process, we hope this will put things.

  • Current Registration of the vehicle with an attachment of the renewal registration application of the vehicle.
  • A government authorized ID proof.
  • The emission test certificate must be attached to the above.
  • Kindly pay the fees for the same.

When you arrive at the office, the assigned representative will guide you along with the full procedure. In case of an online renewal, you can easily get it done at your home. Please note the fact that you will receive the confirmation email from the Mississippi DMV bill of sale of the renewed title within 7 working days, so be patient for the same.

Necessary Documentation For Mississippi DMV

DMV Checklist

Below is a list of the documents which are necessary for your Mississippi DMV, kindly make sure you have them all while applying for the same.

  • One must have an out-of-state license that should be currently active.
  • A birth certificate that will be certified by the Mississippi state itself.
  • The social security card is a must.
  • You will require two types of address proof, where one can be either leased or purchased for the residence. And others can be any kind of utility bills like electricity or gas.
  • Can also provide a bank statement from Mississippi of any car receipt for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the procedure to get a vehicle title of Mississippi that is purchased in another state?

You can easily register your vehicle in the Mississippi DMV bill of sale by providing the original title of the vehicle from the state it was purchased along with its odometer disclosure statement for the same. In case the vehicle was not titled, you will have to provide the details of the Manufacturer’s statement of the origin of the vehicle.

2. How much does the application form for a Mississippi title cost?

One can easily pay $9.00 for any motor vehicle. In the case of a “Fast Track” title, you may have to pay an additional $30.00. If you are processing via an agent, they may charge you their service fee of $1.00 approx.

3. How can I get a title in my name, in case the vehicle I bought came without one?

In such cases, one may need a title bond. One can also contact the Title Bureau at 601-923-7640 for any further queries for the same.

Wrap Up

Well, this is where we part our ways, but we hope this information was helpful to you. In case of any queries regarding the Mississippi DMV bill of sale, feel free to write to us in the comments. We will try to provide you with all the required answers as soon as possible. Drop your feedback and experience through the whole process and enjoy driving. You can also have the information on the North Dakota DOT bill of sale.