North Dakota DOT Bill of Sale

This web page is created as a general overview of the North Dakota DOT Bill of sale. Here, you will find all the information related to the DOT Bill of sale for the state of North Dakota. As we know all the rules, as well as the regulations, vary from state to state & from country to country. In the same way the forms, as well as the required things for the Bill of sale, also vary from state to state. So, read this carefully for knowledge regarding the in-depth procedure for the DOT bill of sale. 

Bill of Sale For North Dakota


The North Dakota DOT Bill of Sale is a legal document that will act as proof between the two parties which took part in the sales, which is the buyer and the seller. This document includes all the information related to the buyer, seller as well as vehicle that is being sold. This document is useful when any mishappening takes place after the sales. It is used as proof of ownership for some time till you register the vehicle to drive on the roadways of North Dakota.

All the necessary information regarding the vehicle as well as the buyer must be filled in by the seller of the vehicle. Here all the information from the date of buying until the change of ownership is written to serve as proof. You have to mention the vehicle’s information and also give the driver’s license to register. Now, let us move forward to know the procedure and the documents required for writing the bill of sale in the state of North Dakota

How To Write Bill of Sale

This portion will give you an overview of the procedure that should be followed at the time of applying the North Dakota DOT Bill of Sale. If you are facing any trouble, then look at the following steps so that you can get an idea of how to fill the Louisiana Bill of Sale.

  • Information related to the seller and the buyer. 
    • Name of the seller
    • The license number of the driver of the seller
    • The physical address of the seller
    • City in which the seller lives
    • State of the residence
    • Name of the buyer
    • The license number of the driver from the buyer’s side
    • The physical address of the buyer
    • City in which the buyer lives
    • State of the residency
  • The seller must provide property details.
    • Details and description of the property
    • Serial number (if applicable)
  • Price of trade and the purchased price
    • The seller will be accepting the monetary funds as payment. You have to enter the dollar amount in words.
    • Dollar amounts must be written in numbers.
    • The date on which the parties have agreed to make the payment.
    • Enter the date when the document is being known.
    • You have to provide the details if different negotiations are made by parties. 
    • You have to check the box if no money is being transferred, that is if the item is given as a gift.
    • In the last box, you have to mention the terms of the purchase and the sales.
  • Now, the seller must read the statement and disclose the information regarding any known defects.
    • Once your defect has been disclosed, the seller must provide the signature.
  • Signatures and the name of all parties in the trade must be needed.
    • Signature of seller
    • The printed name of the seller
    • Signature of buyer 
    • The printed name of the buyer
    • Signature of witness
    • The printed name of the witness
  • Now, you have notarized the certificate as soon as all have provided the signature.
    • You have to provide copies of the document to all those who have given the signature
    • Provide the real document to the buyer

How To Use Bill Of Sale At North Dakota DOT?

North Dakota License Plate

A Bill of sale is created at the time when two parties are involved for sales purposes. You can use the North Dakota DOT bill of sale at the time of registering the vehicle or changing the ownership of the vehicle. This document contains all the information related to the buyer, seller as well as vehicle information. You can also use this document as proof at the time of any mishappening taking place after the sales.

New Vehicle Registration In North Dakota

You need to register your vehicle in North Dakota when you buy any new vehicle or else if you have shifted from another state. You have to register through the North Dakota DOT Bill of sale. There are two ways in which you can register your vehicle that is 1) Online 2) in-person. You have to provide the documents for the ownership of the vehicle. 

Renewal of Vehicle Registration In North Dakota

However, those vehicles are already registered. Have to renew their registration on a bi-annual basis to stay away from the penalties. You have to renew under the North Dakota DOT bill of sale. You need to have the vehicle’s plate number along with the renewal identification number to proceed further. Either you can use an online portal that will allow multi-year registration in a single transaction.

Necessary Documentation For North Dakota DOT

This portion will give you information related to the North Dakota DOT bill of sale. If you are going to register the vehicle then you must read this so that you can continue with ease. 

  • Application for certificate of title & registration of a vehicle.
  • Give the legal name that is a driver’s license, non-driver ID card, or any other document that can be used as a legal identity.
  • If you don’t have the title, then you have to provide the following details.
    • Name and the address of the lienholder
    • Account number from which loan has been taken’
    • Registration of out-of-state vehicle
    • Proof for the payment of 5% excise tax
  • If you have registered a new vehicle then, you will have to give a certificate of origin along with an odometer reading. 
  • Fees that should be paid

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much tax should be paid for excise?

A 5% tax should be paid.

2. Is it necessary to have a notarized bill of sale?

Yes, it is not legal but required to have one as proof.

3. Why is it important to have a Bill of sale?

It is important as it can be used as legal proof of the ownership of the vehicle.

Wrap Up

In Conclusion, this is all about the North Dakota DOT Bill of Sale, we hope that you might get all the information related to this DOT Bill of sale. If you find any problem or have any questions then you are free to ask in the comment box mentioned below. We are happy to solve all your questions. If you want information related to the Nevada DMV Bill of Sale then just click on it.