Wyoming DMV Bill of Sale

Every state has different rules and regulations for trading as well as everything that occurs. There are some states which do not require notarized bills of sale whereas some require bills of sales to be notarized. Yes, you are thinking correct today we are going to give you an article on the bill of sale. This article is particularly for those who need to do trade in the state of Wyoming. We have discussed in-depth information on the Wyoming DMV bill of sale.

Bill of Sale For Wyoming

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This portion will help you to know regarding the Wyoming DMV Bill of Sale. It is a form that documents the transfer of an item that has high value. It is proof of sales that occurred between the seller and buyer. This is a legal document that acts as proof of changing ownership.  For example; let us say that a motor car belongs to Mr A, and he needs to sell it to Mr B. If any mistakes happen with Mr B, and the name of Mr A comes, this document can be shown as proof for changing the ownership of the vehicle. All the information regarding the buyer and the vehicle must be provided by the seller. This document will be important for the future if any mishappening takes place. Now, let us move forward with in-depth information regarding how to write the DMV Bill of sale.

How To Write A Bill of Sale

  • Seller’s Information Seller’s  Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Enter Seller’s Full Legal Name
    • The Seller’s State ID Proof 
    • Seller’s  Driver’s License
    • Seller’s Signature
  • Information related to the selling price must be given. It should be written as soon as the seller receives the price.
  • Buyer’s information
    • Write the full legal name of the buyer
    • Buyer’s Driver’s License
    • Buyer’s State ID Proof
    • Provide Buyer’s Complete Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
  • Vehicle Information – Provide the required information 
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
  • Name of the purchaser
  • Notarization is necessary. The seller must read the paragraph regarding the sale of the vehicle. 
  • You must provide the date 
  • Signature of the seller
  • Notary will acknowledge the document by providing the stamp.

How To Use Bill of Sale At Wyoming DMV?

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The Wyoming DMV bill of sale is considered a legal document in Wyoming state. The document has all the information about sellers, buyers, and vehicles. It is used when you have to transfer the ownership of the vehicle in your name. The bill of sale is an essential document that you will need at the time of registration. Some states require notarization on the bill of sale. So, in that case, you can fill in all the information, and then you can provide the signature in the presence of a notary public. 

New Vehicle Registration In Wyoming 

If you are purchasing a new vehicle and if you are a resident of Wyoming then you have to register the new vehicle with the Wyoming DMV Bill of sale.  Whether you are buying a vehicle with the help of a dealer then the dealer will submit all the documents. If you are purchasing a vehicle privately then you have to submit all the registration documents to the state office. This document will be needed if you have to drive the vehicle legally on the roadways of Wyoming. 

Renewal of Vehicle Registration In Wyoming

The renewal process is very simple. You just have to fill out the form and submit the documents and you will get the new title at your mailing address. Wyoming State sends you a reminder at your mailing address. Before the expiration of the current title, you have to submit the processing fees and documents to your near/local DMV. You can complete this process on the official website of Wyoming. If you get any problem at some point then you can contact your local DMV office representative.  

Necessary Documentation For Wyoming DMV

This portion will help you to know the documents that are required for the Wyoming DMV Bill of sale. To register without any problem, you can read and go through this portion.

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  • You will need a copy of the title or title number.
  • A bill of sale
  • Identification proof
  • Current Registration from the previous state
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Dealer’s invoice (if purchased from a dealer)
  • The signed lease must be provided (if you are leasing the vehicle)
  • Application of title and VIN/HIN inspection (MV-300A)
  • Weight slip (if registering pick-up truck)
  • Filing fees must be prepared which include the taxes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you drive on a bill of sale in Wyoming?

If you have purchased a new vehicle from a dealer then the dealer provides you with temporary tags so that you can operate the vehicle until you receive the title of the vehicle. The temporary tags are valid for 60 days and you will receive the title unjust 30-45 days.

2. How long can you drive on a notarized bill of sale in Wyoming?

The Wyoming DMV bill of sale needs to be notarized. Once you notarize you can operate the vehicle for 60 days but before that, you must apply for the title and registration.

3. How much is sales tax on a car in Wyoming?

If you have purchased a vehicle and you want to register the vehicle then you must be prepared to pay the fees for titling and sales tax up to 4% in Wyoming state.


This is all about the Wyoming DMV bill of sale. We hope that you might get all the information which we have provided in this article and hope this guide has been helpful to you. Now, you have got a more clear vision regarding the Wyoming DMV bill of sale. It is important to have all the documents which we have mentioned in the guide. If you have any queries and questions then you can ask in the comment box mentioned below. We will try to solve all your queries and answer the questions. If you are searching for the DMV bill of sale for Rhode Island then we have provided it you can just click and get the information.